New Developments

Two new books:

Sole-authored: Practical Tourism Research, published 2010 by CABI.

This book offers insights into the nature of tourism as a research field as well as practical advice on some of the more important tourism research designs including questionnaire design, sampling, personal interviews, case studies, the development of management and policy indices, content analysis, and the preparation of research reports and presentations.

Edited: The Discovery of Tourism, published 2010 by Emerald Publishing.

Discovery presents the personal – often touching – stories of fifteen of the pioneers of tourism geography from 10 different nations. The book lets the readers learn more about the personalities, philosophies, and backgrounds of some of the best-know tourism geographers.

2010 sabbatical

I am on sabbatical for the year 2010. One of my major projects is working as a Special Policy Advisor for the Director of Research, Small Business and Tourism Division, Industry Canada. Our first project will be to explore what contributes to the success of tourism destinations. We’ll be conducting this research through a series of case studies.